The Covid conspiracies: a virus that can only spread: False beliefs will make it harder to end this pandemic. They also risk making our politics even more dysfunctional. Facebook will notify users who engaged with coronavirus misinformation

Deteção de vírus nos esgotos é prioridade, diz ministro do Ambiente

Imagine your daily routine being entirely dependent on a smart phone app. Leaving your home, taking the subway, going to work, entering cafes, restaurants and shopping malls — each move, dictated by the color shown on your screen. Green: you’re free to proceed. Amber or Red: you’re barred from entry. This has been the reality for hundreds of millions of people in China & Russia

The coronavirus app Narendra Modi endorsed is a privacy disaster vs. U.S. Senator Says Apple, Google Need to Show Contact Tracing Will Not Violate Privacy: “I gotta tell you the civil liberties-type pushback on that would be considerable. Even though from a pure public health standpoint, it absolutely makes sense.”

Orientações da CE na proteção de dados em aplicações para combater a pandemia. “Essential requirements“: voluntary; approved by the national health authority; privacy-preserving (“personal data is securely encrypted”); and dismantled as soon as no longer needed


Public support for Live Facial Recognition and implications for COVID-19 policing: How police officers treat people during the COVID-19 crisis, and the manner in which they exercise their new powers, will therefore be crucial not only for encouraging compliance with the social distancing measures, but for generating support for the use of significant new powers granted to police, should this become necessary.

Social Distancing Is Bringing Drive-In Theaters Back to Life: business is booming

Hermès Hauled in $2.7 Million in One China Store on Saturday: reopened last Saturday saw a strong rebound of luxury consumption in post-coronavirus China.

Dúvida existencial: Will Covid-19 end the handshake?

Aide aux médias: Québec triple son budget publicitaire: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon et Microsoft n’ont eu que 1 % des dépenses publicitaires du gouvernement du Québec liées à la crise du coronavirus.

The fact that it is constitutionally superfluous for Trump to authorize states to open up suggests his real intent is an election-year political device that positions him as leading the resurgence and those who oppose him as laggards holding America back.

Nukes are still ready to fly“: How nuclear forces worldwide are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

Banksy: “My Wife Hates it When I Work From Home

Esquema de peso: Coronavirus scammers tried to sell the world’s tallest statue

If you need to go for a walk… why not wander around a video game? A History of the World in 100 Objects? Reclames luminosos com história? Things to do while saving the human race. (Decided By A Robot)