Boletim Covid do dia

What’s a virus, anyway? Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (PEPP-PT): anything we provide is based on voluntary participation, provides anonymity, does not use personal data nor geolocation information, operates in full compliance with GDPR, and has been certified and tested by security professionals. D3 e 100+ organizações dizem aos governos: um aumento dos poderes de vigilância… Read More Boletim Covid do dia

Boletim do dia

How likely are you to die of coronavirus? It is probably the most basic question you can ask about a disease, and yet it’s bloody hard to answer. It changes between places and over time, and between different groups; it depends on a variety of hard-to-measure factors, and the answer you get itself directly affects… Read More Boletim do dia

Desinformação com o COVID-19 (em actualização)

Tech’s Shadow Workforce Sidelined, Leaving Social Media to the Machines: “There’s essential information about the virus that needs to get disseminated,” Eric Goldman, a law professor at Santa Clara University, told The Hill.“There’s also bogus information that’s causing extraordinary harm, and the machines are not going to be able to easily sort between those two,”… Read More Desinformação com o COVID-19 (em actualização)