Millenials and Gen Z in Europe: Political Participation and Left-Wing Politics: “Age has emerged as the key dividing line in contemporary politics, distinguishing electoral behaviour in many European countries, including France, UK and Greece, where younger voters massively support nationwide Left parties. This development has been depicted in terms like ‘Left turn’, ‘Generation Left’, and ‘Youthquake’. The latter was introduced to describe the unexpected rise in youth voter turnout Party in the 2017 UK General Election, as well as younger citizens’ overwhelming preference for Corbyn’s Labour Party (…). A similar phenomenon has been observed in the European South (except for Portugal), where the young stood at the forefront of the electoral dealignment and partial realignment of national party systems (…). Age now constitutes the most reliable predictor of both political attitudes and voting intention (…). Young people nowadays, and especially the youngest among them (Gen-Z) are more likely to hold left-wing political ideas and vote for left-wing or more generally progressive parties than their older counterparts”.