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The hidden danger of ChatGPT and generative AI: So it’s clear that OpenAI knows perfectly well that ChatGPT is filled with BS under the surface. They never meant the technology to offer up a source of truth. But the question is: Are human users okay with that? Unfortunately, they might be. If it sounds good, many humans may think that’s good enough. And, perhaps, that’s where the real danger lies beneath the surface of ChatGPT.

A DALL-E generation of “an oil painting of America’s war on terror if conducted by an artificial intelligence.” Image: Elise Swain/The Intercept; DALL-E

The Internet’s New Favorite AI Proposes Torturing Iranians and Surveilling Mosques: ChatGPT, the latest novelty from OpenAI, replicates the ugliest war on terror-style racism. (…) When asked to write a program that would determine “whether a person should be tortured,” OpenAI’s answer is simple: If they’re from North Korea, Syria, or Iran, the answer is yes.

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The lawsuit that could rewrite the rules of AI copyright: “This is the first class-action case in the US chal­leng­ing the train­ing and out­put of AI sys­tems. It will not be the last.”

AI-generated fake faces have become a hallmark of online influence operations: Facebook parent company Meta says more than two-thirds of the influence operations it found and took down this year used profile pictures that were generated by a computer.

ChatGPT is ‘not particularly innovative,’ and ‘nothing revolutionary’, says Meta’s chief AI scientist: The public perceives OpenAI’s ChatGPT as revolutionary, but the same techniques are being used and the same kind of work is going on at many research labs

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