ANACOM ainda dispõe de 13 milhões de euros para comparticipar na aquisição de mais de 430 mil kits de TV por satélite até 2023, apesar da TDT já chegar a 100% da população.


A automatização é uma ideologia?

Ashley M. Gjøvik: My Apple whistleblowing saga

Google Could Be Violating Labor Laws With Pay for Temp Workers: Google may owe more than $100 million in back salaries over nine years of noncompliance in 16 countries with pay parity laws, according to the complaint. The figure does not include possible fines or legal costs.

Women work, Men accumulate…: An increasing number of women are exercising a professional activity; their wages, for equivalent work, are still inferior to those of men, but the gap is tending to diminish. Parity is far from attained, but it is progressing in many fields. So what about in terms of assets? How does the division of economic family capital occur between men and women? The question posed by Céline Bessière and Sibylle Gollac is an important one, because after reading T. Piketty we are all aware that in the twenty-first century, the accumulation of capital within households has once again become a central dimension of wealth gaps and in the structural division of our societies into social classes, if only in terms of access to real estate.


Walmart says crypto payments announcement is fake (ou mais um exemplo de como “as notícias também são alvo de ciberataques“)

An energy coalition launched by Bill Gates is backing a new publication called “Cipher” dedicated to the coverage of the climate crisis (btw, Climate scientists make low carbon live music recommendations based on Massive Attack touring data)

Como o 11 de Setembro deu origem às Google News

TV is the defining art form of our age – so I refuse to quit: According to Dr Ryan Dougherty, from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, the more television you watch in middle age, the lower your volume in grey matter. Examining the viewing habits of 599 American adults between 1990 and 2011, Dougherty found that those who watched an above average amount of television showed reduced volume in their frontal cortex and entorhinal cortex. Basically, your mum was right: TV really does rot your brain.

The Pen vs the AK-47: the Future of Afghan Media Under the Taliban

The Mediapro Group Taps Hollywood Rep in Bid to Lure More Productions to Spain, Portugal: In its continued bid to lure more international productions to Spain and Portugal, Barcelona-based multinational The Mediapro Group has tapped L.A.-based Spanish publicist Alvar Carretero to represent the company in Hollywood.


YouTube, the Ig Nobel Prizes, and the Year 1914


damien hirst 1.jpg

Damien Hirst Looking for Sharks

These vehicles are survivors of the apocalypse that was the filming of Mad Max: Fury Road. Conditions of Sale: Offers close 26th of September.

It took 400 hours to 3D print this super detailed map of GTA’s San Andreas


20 years, $6 trillion, 900,000 lives: There have been no 9/11-scale terrorist attacks in the United States in the past 20 years. Meanwhile, according to the most recent estimates from Brown University’s Costs of War Project, at least 897,000 people around the world have died in violence that can be classified as part of the war on terror; at least 38 million people have been displaced due to these wars; and the effort has cost the US at least $5.8 trillion, not including about $2 trillion more needed in health care and disability coverage for veterans in decades to come.


Minus is a finite social network where you get 100 posts—for life.

Why I Quit Social Media? Honestly, I felt used.

A rede social que não modera alguns dos seus utilizadores (mas será mesmo assim?) e envia dados errados aos investigadores da desinformação, foi ultrapassada em downloads pelo TikTok


O regresso dos drones policiais em França

…e como foi a experiência com o Google Glass? E como será com os Xiaomi Smart Glasses?

Smart cities are a legacy of 9/11

A vida das árvores