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These Social Distancing Posters Are the Best Thing the Trump Administration Has Done for Parks

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Boas relações ibéricas? Portuguese Journalists Banned from Entering Spain, to report on the work of Portuguese cross-border workers in Spain

World Health Assembly: what is it, and what is the coronavirus inquiry proposal? There have also been national investigations that might set a precedent for any WHO COVID-19 investigation. In China, for example, authorities reviewed safety lapses at labs involving Brucella in 2019 and SARS virus in 2004. UK officials, likewise, reviewed safety lapses at labs after a foot and mouth disease outbreak in 2007 and a smallpox outbreak in 1978. In the United States, officials have reviewed safety lapses involving Bacillus anthracis at a Defense lab in 2015, Bacillus anthracis and Ebola virus at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labs in 2014, and Variola virus at Food and Drug Administration labs in 2014.

It is better to mobilise the public to tolerate the uncertainty

Over 86,500 people have reportedly died in the United States from the Coronavirus, and the fear generated by those deaths is driving the public policy debate. But that number is a dramatic overcount. [Deaths: 91,873?] Our metrics include deaths that have nothing to do with the virus. The problem is even worse as the Centers for Disease Control over counts even some of these cases and the government has created financial incentives for this misreporting. Relying on these flawed numbers is destroying businesses and jobs and costing lives.

Why is the UK government relying on nudge theory to fight coronavirus? (Portugal também adoptou esta solução?)

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We Can Prevent a Great Depression. It’ll Take $10 Trillion.

Overall, targeted policies that are combined with measures that reduce interactions between groups and increase testing and isolation of the infected can minimize both economic losses and deaths

Capitalism or the Climate? Scientists warn worse pandemics are on the way if we don’t protect nature. Decrescimento – novas raízes para a economia: Repensando o futuro após a crise do Coronavírus: The Bio Revolution: Innovations transforming economies, societies, and our lives

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Portugal’s Response to the Coronavirus [comentários] E 2ª fase do desconfinamento começa com país neste estado…:

Computer code for Prof Lockdown’s model which predicted 500,000 would die from Covid-19 and inspired Britain’s ‘Stay Home’ plan is a ‘mess which would get you fired in private industry’ say data experts

AI Can Help Scientists Find a Covid-19 Vaccine: a reminder for the first time in a while that it can be a tool for good. [ COVID-19 Data Lake: Access unified, analysis-ready COVID-19 data, at no charge]

Coronavirus hospitalizations have declined in many U.S. states — another indication that social distancing has been effective at curbing the virus’ spread.

The Science Behind Why Social Isolation Can Make You Lonely

The Rise of the Anti-Lockdown Sheriffs: Opposition to stay-at-home orders is the l

atest example of a history of powerful sheriffs, which stretches back to the end of slavery and the settling of the frontier. Lockdown sceptics are not conspiracy theorists, want a culture war, with experts as the enemy

Could blockchain technology be used to protect researchers working together in a pandemic? could be used to disseminate research information in a way that protects property rights and other interests of researchers and their employers.

Learning during the lockdown: real-time data on children’s experiences during home learning: Whatever strategy the government pursues for reopening schools, there is a risk that it will increase inequalities. (btw, Risk of coronavirus spreading in schools ‘extremely low’, study finds)

In Mongolia, Hand-Washing Staves Off More Than the Coronavirus: a 55.5% drop in common intestinal infections among children. Respiratory illnesses are down, too. Officials and parents credit the increase in hand-washing, and hope habits instilled during crisis remain for life.

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Cybersecurity companies are spending millions of dollars on lobbying efforts in Washington, seeking to influence policy makers as they reshape privacy and security laws. [Low-life Fraudsters Flourishing in Coronavirus Era]

Quarterly U.S. Consumer Spend on Video Game Products Reached the Highest Total in U.S. History in First Quarter of 2020: “As people have stayed at home more, they’ve utilized gaming not only as a diversion and an escape, but also as a means of staying connected with family and friends. Whether it was on console or mobile, PC or virtual reality, gaming experienced play and sales growth during the first quarter”. [btw, You can play video games with your cat — yes, your cat! Here’s how]

COVID-19 Dataset Builder: Real-time Datasets for Hidden Relationship Detection

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9/11 saw much of our privacy swept aside. Coronavirus could end it altogether. My fears about the ‘new normal’: we need to make freedom central to the Covid storyline to ensure that there’s at least some chance of a happy ending to this tragedy.

Apple and Google are building a virus-tracking system. Health officials say it will be practically useless: The tech giants have refused officials’ pleas to allow the collection of location data and to help contact-tracing teams learn where new infections have spread.

AI and surveillance in the age of coronavirus: In this issue, we focus on one of the most immediate needs: finding the balance between safety and freedom.

Forensic Investigation: The Shocking State Of Privacy In Safety Apps

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3 ways journalists need to get to grips with uncertainty during the pandemic
1. False negatives, false positives and testing
2. The R number: it’s not a number
3. Making comparisons, estimates and projections

How newsrooms can begin making data-informed membership decisions

On 11 May 2020, several journalists and press photographers were denied access to Gare du Nord in Paris and other French railway stations, where they intended to cover the conditions of use of public transport after the confinement related to the COVID-19 pandemic had been lifted.

The Rise of the Security Champion: Beta-testing Newsroom Security Cultures

COVID-19 spurs media and entertainment companies to transform

UK Video on Demand Trends: Audience insights during the coronavirus pandemic

How Negative News Distorts Our Thinking

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Chair Times: A History of Seating – From 1800 to Today

Redon’s ‘Ophelia among the Flowers’: Lose yourself in Redon’s symphony of colour

Aurora? Boreal…