Comunicações e pandemia COVID-19

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Reality Check of US Allegations Against China on COVID-19

There Is Still No Plan: Trump seems content to have an excuse for losing the election, rather than trying to beat coronavirus and have a chance at winning it.

Our plan to rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy [Black Mirror…]

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The COVID Crisis Is Reinforcing the Hunger Industrial Complex: The unholy alliance between food banks and corporate America has shown itself to be more interested in maintaining the problem of hunger than actually solving it.

When to reopen the economy during the coronavirus pandemic? South Korea’s got a plan and the numbers to back it up

A better world can emerge after coronavirus. Or a much worse one: The proposal for a universal basic income was until recently often dismissed as far-out and utopian. But during the anti-pandemic lockdowns, many developed countries have introduced something close to it.

The Beginning of De-Globalization: The corona crisis is changing the global economy. Production security is growing more important than efficiency.

Why are some people better at working from home than others? Practising can make perfect – but you’ll only get better at telework if you actually find strategies to create boundaries and reel yourself in in other ways.

How one of the world’s biggest call centre companies (mis)managed the pandemic crisis

Public Health and Private Profits Under COVID-19 Pandemic

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This Is the Future of the Pandemic: By now we know — contrary to false predictions — that the novel coronavirus will be with us for a rather long time.

Study challenges reports of low fatality rate for COVID-19: A comparison of daily deaths in Italy since January 2020 with those over the previous five years there indicates that the fatality rate in that country for those infected with the new coronavirus is at least 0.8%, far higher than that of the seasonal flu and higher than some recent estimates.

What has been published about ethical and social science considerations?

If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet [a máscara ou Deus…]

Schools are beginning to reopen — but scientists are still trying to understand what the deal is with kids and COVID-19 & concerned that coronavirus is adapting to humans

Glacial ice will likely hold records of the COVID-19 pandemic

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The Case for a Mandatory COVID-19 App: suggestions that “there is no evidence” these apps work are premature.

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This is Stavanger. The lights you see are the positions of hundreds of mobile phones.

How to Lock Down an Open Society: In order for governments to promote public health effectively, they must ensure their citizens abide by the orders, without turning their open societies into police states.

Bipartisan Public Health Leaders Letter on COVID19 Tracking and Tracing [btw, Health Officials Say ‘No Thanks‘ to Contact-Tracing Tech]

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Are news outlets viewed in the same way by experts and the public? A comparison across 23 European countries: On average, both experts and the public rate news from public service media outlets as the most accurate and the most trustworthy, respectively. News from digital-born brands is on average rated lower by both. Commercial TV and newspapers sit between the two for both experts and the public.

COVID-19 Conspiracists and Their Discontents: Conspiracism always flourishes when people are faced with uncertain, open-ended sources of suffering or evil. The mind abhors a vacuum of explanation.

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