Boletim Covid do dia (21Abr)

| A Comic Strip Tour Of The Wild World Of Pandemic Modeling

| Mary Meeker’s coronavirus trends report: “We are optimists and believe there is hope on the other side of despair… We need government, business and entrepreneurial intervention at scale (deployed logically and effectively) to get to the other side.”

| It’s Time to Build (Marc Andreessen) vs It’s Time to Act (Cory Foy)

| Ensuring data privacy as we battle COVID-19: Why are there doubts over contact-tracing apps?
2 billion phones cannot use Google and Apple contact-tracing tech
Amazon-owned Whole Foods is quietly tracking its employees with a heat map tool that ranks which stores are most at risk of unionizing

| COVID-19 exit plan vs COVID-19 re-entry plan

| COVID-19 Data Portal: Accelerating research through data sharing

| Some wealthy Silicon Valley execs have reportedly already escaped to their doomsday hideout shelters nestled in New Zealand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

| La prétendue discipline japonaise, qui passe pour un modèle de civisme spontané, dépend en réalité en grande partie des décisions du gouvernement, comme le montre la récente progression de l’épidémie, qui discrédite la trop simpliste explication culturaliste.

A experimentar:
| official app of the US Government and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Joint Task Force.

| Sir David Attenborough To Teach Geography To The Nation’s Children

| The weirdo’s guide to WFH productivity: Sanity shower, squats, and snacks

| Moda virtual e máscaras

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