As Coronavirus Surges, Crime Declines in Some Cities: Street cops and police union officials have been predicting a crime wave… But at least in some big cities [Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco], that’s not happening.
Uma outra epidemia: Revealed: surge in domestic violence during Covid-19 crisis & When home gets violent under lockdown in Europe. Experts who study domestic violence say the increases, however, are almost certainly underreported because some victims cannot get away from their abusers to call police. (Casos não reportados? GNR registou 938 denúncias por violência doméstica no mês de março, significando menos 26% do que no mesmo período de 2019). COVID-19 and Ending Violence Against Women and Girls. U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres: Avoid releasing prisoners convicted of violence against women in any form

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People die all the time. Lots of them. According to recent statistics, about 60 million people die every year across the globe. Right now, lots of people are dying in concentrated waves in different countries as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. (…) That’s a lot of death to contend with in a short space of time. How should we respond to this?

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