82% dos Portugueses dão nota positiva à atuação do Governo para fazer face à pandemia de COVID-19 [e] 94% consideram que o PR deveria prolongar o actual estado de emergência por mais 15 dias.

L’étrange obsession d’un quart des Français pour la thèse du virus créé en laboratoire: Alors que son génome est connu et prouve le contraire, une part importante de la population pense que le coronavirus a été créé par l’homme.

Covid 19 nos media

Coronavirus is being used to suppress press freedoms globally (Can a fragile media ecosystem survive the pandemic?)

Comissão seleciona 18º projeto para desenvolver diagnósticos rápidos

Putin sending medical supplies to help U.S. fight coronavirus [but] Beware of Bad Samaritans: China and Russia are sending medical aid to Italy and other coronavirus-stricken countries, but their motives aren’t so altruistic. (You’ve probably heard this week that Russia ­- with such ceremony, might I add – sent planes with its military medics to Italy to help in the fight against the coronavirus. This charity event was nothing more than a PR stunt by the Russian army, the sole purpose of which was to spread Moscow’s propaganda narratives and influence the Italian public, as well as politicians. It seems that some Italians are aware of this as well. The newspaper La Stampa cited high-ranking officials and reported that 80% of the aid sent by Russia turned out to be “completely useless”, adding that it is being used as a cover by Vladimir Putin to further his own political and economic ends. Right from the beginning, there was no humanitarian element to this charade.)

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Why I am volunteering to get the coronavirus vaccine: Ian Haydon, who will soon be one of 45 people who will get an experimental covid-19 vaccine in Seattle.

Ventilators are in high demand for Covid-19 patients. How do they work?

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The Covid-19 pandemic in two animated charts: to see how confirmed cases outside China have exploded in recent weeks.

Lessons from Italy’s Response to Coronavirus: Some aspects of this crisis — starting with its timing — can undoubtedly be attributed to plain and simple sfortuna (“bad luck” in Italian) that were clearly not under the full control of policymakers. Other aspects, however, are emblematic of the profound obstacles that leaders in Italy faced in recognizing the magnitude of the threat posed by Covid-19, organizing a systematic response to it, and learning from early implementation successes — and, most importantly, failures.

Monitoring The Effects Of COVID-19 With Location Data

What have you observed over the last week? We have seen a 775 percent increase in Teams’ calling and meeting monthly users in a one month period in Italy, where social distancing or shelter in place orders have been enforced. We have seen a very significant spike in Teams usage, and now have more than 44 million daily users. Those users generated over 900 million meeting and calling minutes on Teams daily in a single week.

COVID-19 consumer impact tracker: the non-obvious trends impacted by Coronavirus.

Traffic to Coronavirus Related Websites

AT&T: In the last three weeks, here’s what we’ve seen on our mobile network alone: Voice calls: +33% | Instant messaging: +63% | Text messaging: +41% | Emailing: -18% | Web browsing: -5% | Video: +4% (also accounts for over half of all mobility traffic)

COVID-19 Action Guide: How to manage amid chaos, ambiguity and fear