Coronavirus Today’s Global Coverage (mais de 306 mil notícias em 26 mil títulos…)

From travel bans to disaster-recovery sites, here’s everything we know about how Wall Street banks are handling the spread of coronavirus: Politicians and bankers are looking for ways to limit the damage that coronavirus is doing to the German economy. But with uncertainty so high, it is currently unclear how much relief stimulus or any other measure can deliver

If We Don’t Work, We Don’t Get Paid.’ How the Coronavirus Is Exposing Inequality Among America’s Workers

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of coronavirus fears with fake websites and phishing schemes (Police issue warning against coronavirus fraudsters in UK)

Coronavirus and the Politics of Care: I worked with a group of more than 450 law and public health experts to put out a public letter addressed to federal, state, and local leaders, to identify essential aspects of an effective and fair response. It may be worth a read for those thinking about the political economy of pandemics.

Coronavirus will brutally expose the effect of a decade of public service cuts: If there’s an epidemic on the scale Public Health England warns of, the government may not be able to keep its citizens safe

E por cá? Entre 2010 e 2015 a despesa no SNS diminuiu 1 179 milhões de euros, uma redução de 12% (…) A despesa do SNS aumentou 12% entre 2015 e 2018

Before and after: coronavirus empties world’s busiest spaces

How religious communities are modifying traditions to prevent possible coronavirus spread

COVID-19: Commission steps up research funding and selects 17 projects in vaccine development, treatment and diagnostics

YouTubers keep playing Plague Inc. to try and simulate how coronavirus will spread across the world, even though the company behind the game has stressed it’s ‘not a scientific model

De 2017 mas ainda válido: Virtual Reality Headset Hygiene for the Classroom

Why I’m taking the coronavirus hype with a pinch of salt: We’ve been here before, and the direst predictions have not come to pass