Das fábricas de “likes” a um Assange espiado e a um módulo de assassínio à distância por GPS

O 36th Chaos Communication Congress, organizado pelo Chaos Computer Club (CCC). terminou esta segunda-feira, 30 de Dezembro. Três das intervenções focaram-se nas “fábricas” de falsos “likes”, em como Julian Assange foi espiado na embaixada do Equador onde permaneceu entre 2012 e 2019, bem como num módulo de assassínio usando um sistema guiado de mísseis por GPS.

Inside the Fake Like Factories: In a world, where the number of followers, likes, shares and views are worth money, the temptation and the will to cheat is high. With some luck, programming knowledge and persistence we obtained thousands of fanpages, You Tube and Instagram account, where likes have been bought from a Likes seller. We were also able to meet people working behind the scenes and we will prove, that Facebook is a big bubble, with a very high percentage of dead or at least zombie accounts. The talk presents the methodology, findings and outcomes from a team of scientists and investigative journalists, who delved into the parallel universe of Fake Like Factories.
When you hear about fake likes and fake accounts, you instantly think of mobile phones strung together in multiple lines in front of an Asian woman or man. What if we tell you, that this is not necessarily the whole truth? That you better imagine a ordinary guy sitting at home at his computer? In a longterm investigation we met and talked to various of these so called “clickworkers” – liking, watching, clicking Facebook, You Tube and Instagram for a small amount of money the whole day in their living room.

Technical aspects of the surveillance in and around the Ecuadorian embassy in London: the procedural and technical details of the surveillance in and around the Ecuadorian embassy in London during the time Julian Assange stayed in there from June 2012 until April 2019.
In the aftermath of Assange’s expel from the ecuadorian embassy in London and his arrest based on a US extradition warrant evidence appeared that the “Security” measures of the embassy had at some point switched from protecting Assange and the embassy to an extremely detailled surveillance operation both against Assange and his visitors. The Spanish company “Undercover Global” that has been in charge of the embassy between 2015 and April 2018 and its owner and CEO is under investigation for spying on behalf of the CIA. Material from the second company that has taken over the embassy “Security” in April 2018 has found its way into an attempted extortion and is also subject to a legal investigation.

Harry Potter and the Not-So-Smart Proxy War: take a look at the ‘Vault 7’ Protego documents, which have received very little attention so far, and challenge the assertion that Protego was a ‘suspected assassination module for [a] GPS guided missile system … used on-board Pratt & Whitney aircraft’ based on system block diagrams, build instructions and a few interesting news items.

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