Portugal critica atribuição do .amazon

O Council of European National Top-level Domain Registries (CENTR) divulgou o seu último relatório, relativo ao encontro da Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) realizado entre 24 e 27 de Junho passado (ver comunicado).

Segundo o documento, a entidade portuguesa DNS.pt criticou novamente a atribuição e pronunciou-se sobre o domínio .amazon nos seguintes termos:

Portugal stressed that the .amazon application issue is a matter of public policy. In Portugal’s view there has been a big misunderstanding within ICANN on the question of what public policy is. Portugal expressed its regret over the fact that private interests were served in this case.

The US stated that in their view the previous GAC advice was followed and that the US cannot support any further action on this issue that delays the application process of Amazon Inc.

The debates continued in the joint meeting with the ICANN Board. Brazil stated that there is an urgent need to rethink the internet governance model. The public concerns have not been taken into account, while the .amazon issue is a very sensitive and political question. According to Brazil, the ICANN decision undermines the right of sovereign countries to secure public interests in internet governance.

Colombia expressed their view that the .amazon case is breaking the multistakeholder model in ICANN. The way the GAC advice was treated by the ICANN Board undermines the role of the GAC. Governments are subject to international law and their role to secure public interests of their constituencies needs to be respected. Portugal stressed that this trend of denying states their sovereignty should be stopped in ICANN.”

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