Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

The AI Cold War That Could Doom Us All: Global work in AI has long taken place in three spheres: research departments, corporations, and the military

How digital is Europe compared to other major world economies?

The Rodney Brooks Rules for Predicting a Technology’s Commercial Success

Chinese scientists develop shape-shifting robot inspired by T-1000 from Terminator

The future of photography is code

How AI is changing music for good

Origami, 3D Printing Merge to Make Complex Structures in One Shot

How three French students used borrowed code to put the first AI portrait in Christie’s

12 Mind-Bending Perceptual Illusions (Can Optical Illusions fool Artificial Intelligence too?)

Megacities in emerging markets: what are the perspectives on smart mobility?

Um simples relatório militar não pode beneficiar da proteção conferida pelo direito de autor

Why no one really knows how many jobs automation will replace

Video conferencing sucks. Could “augmented” meetings replace it?

Siete cosas que he aprendido (y recomiendo) en mi primer año trabajando desde casa

MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future announces advisory and research boards

Finally, the drug that keeps you young

Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin

Nosotros, los robots

Crash-Test Dummies Are Getting Fatter Because We Are, Too

Nefarious actors could seek to attack artificial intelligence systems by deliberately introducing bias into them, smuggled inside the data that helps those systems learn

Government Spyware Vendor Left Customer, Victim Data Online for Everyone to See

El riesgo de tapar la ‘webcam’

Nuestra credibilidad es nuestro mayor valor

The History and Concept of Computability

My phone is spying on me, so I decided to spy on it

Need medical help? Sorry, not until you sign away your privacy

Speech at the 40th edition of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners [RGPD]

The Problem with Facebook and Virtual Reality

Why Blockchain Will Enable a Virtual Reality Renaissance

China Telecom has been using poisoned internet routes to suck up massive amounts of US and Canadian internet traffic

5G NR Standard and the Anatomy of a New Test Era

It Could be Possible to Transfer Data Through Gravitational Waves

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