Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

EU makes its pitch to member states for 12 research missions and 13 industry partnerships

Weaponised AI is coming. Are algorithmic forever wars our future?
Regulating for Responsible Technology: Introducing the Office for Responsible Technology

Brave New World predicted 2018 better than any other novel

Why is it that cyberpunk still looks like it did in the 80s? Perhaps there has been no need for it to change: it continues to resonate with us because the world it depicts is the one we live in.

Visualizing 40 Years of Music Industry Sales

Self-driving taxis will take half of US driving by 2024

Charting the Earth’s future for the 21st century

Measuring human capital: a systematic analysis of 195 countries and territories, 1990–2016: Human capital is recognised as the level of education and health in a population and is considered an important determinant of economic growth […] Within western Europe, expected human capital ranged considerably in 1990, from the highest level of 24·8 years (24·0–25·6) in Finland to 14·8 years (14·4–15·3) in Portugal [20 em 2016].

Rise of robots ‘could see workers enjoy four-day weeks’: even relatively modest gains from using robots and AI had the potential to give British workers Scandinavian levels of leisure time

The Future of Work Might Actually Be… Good

Preocupado com o parkour? Ver:

Building artificial people: Endless possibilities and the dark side

“Nearly all” the weapons systems that were being developed by the US military from 2012 to 2017 are vulnerable to cyber-attack

Roadmaps to implement the Code of Practice on disinformation

Financial Times boosts global technology coverage with new editorial team

Drone journalism’s battle for airspace: When flown safely, however, drones can be an ideal tool for journalists

How the Economist is opening the data behind our reporting

Un museo digital que preserva los sonidos de la tecnología obsoleta

Smart Home Surveillance: Governments Tell Google’s Nest To Hand Over Data 300 Times [since 2015]

Magic Leap’s new AI assistant looks alarmingly human

Free Speech in the Age of Algorithmic Megaphones: the debate we have today is neither healthy nor participatory

‘I Fundamentally Believe That My Time at Reddit Made the World a Worse Place’

Instagram Has a Massive Harassment Problem

Why are so many rappers on LinkedIn?

Netflix is Responsible for 15% of Global Internet Traffic

90% of [overhyped 5G] data will be video, but AR gaming and VR will grow

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