Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Deezer explores AI system for music that matches mood

Lo que Steve Jobs puede inspirar a un artista

El método para aparcar fatal en Lisboa sin que te multen

Dashboard ‘virtual traffic light’ that lets cars talk to each other could slash commute times by 60%

Uber pledges $10 million to eco-friendly causes in cities

Are Delivery Drones Commercially Viable? Iceland Is About to Find Out

Philippine inventor aims to cut travel times with passenger drone

Driverless? Autonomous Trucks and the Future of the American Trucker

32 villages want to be the smartest in Finland

All successful countries copy technology and methods

The gig economy pays just $828 a month — here’s why driving for Uber is no substitute for a full-time job

Tortured by meetings

Love in the time of AI: meet the people falling for scripted robots

Limiting children’s screen time linked to better cognition

NESTA on predicting the future

As the midterms approach, America’s electronic voting systems are more vulnerable than ever. Why isn’t anyone trying to fix them?

Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2018 – PORTUGAL

What will happen when newspapers kill print and go online-only? Most of that print audience will just…disappear

Google, A Saintly Patron Of Journalism? (Portugal, 21 projectos, €5,8M)

The EU faces an enormous challenge to counter the threat of disinformation ahead of the 2019 European elections

The European Union’s executive body has signed up tech platforms and ad industry players to a voluntary Code of Practice aimed at trying to do something about the spread of disinformation online

The world’s most valuable company [Apple] is wooing the media with a human touch and a huge audience. One thing it hasn’t delivered: money.

UK newspaper industry demands levy on tech firms

The Brazilian group scanning WhatsApp for disinformation in run-up to elections

Outdoor advertising is bigger than ever

Original working Apple-I computer fetches $375,000 at auction

Eiiti Wada Mechanical Keyboard

Ancient Tongues: Logo Spacewar!

Happy Birthday, GNU & Google

How The GDPR Can Undermine Privacy

US privacy law is on the horizon. Here’s how tech companies want to shape it; If you can’t beat ‘em, influence ‘em.

How computer software can make policy, explained by family separation at the border: In many situations, software is policy

Ghostbuster: Detecting the Presence of Hidden [Wireless] Eavesdroppers

Oculus predicts a VR future that includes ultra-thin headsets

Os Portugueses e as Redes Sociais 2018

[W]e have been developing a new policy to address dehumanizing language on Twitter

Atividade desenvolvida e objetivos estratégicos da ANACOM

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