Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Portugal ranks ninth on the Commitment to Development Index, with especially strong performances on the technology, migration, and environment components. Its rankings on policies for finance and security are average, and it could improve on trade and aid. Portugal dropped three ranks from the 2017 CDI publication mainly because of a lower score on the trade component.

At Least 200 Couples Have Divorced [in UK] Over Fortnite in 2018

[E]thical and economic impact of artificial intelligence

Contaminación digital… existe?

Google’s Trafalgar Square lion uses AI to generate crowdsourced poem

Drone ballet at Burning Man mesmerizes crowd

Satirical Illustrations Showing Our Addiction To Technology

Ikea is now interested in self-driving cars

The market for smart city services is estimated to be worth more than $1.5 trillion over the next decade

Canada court says ISPs can charge studios for hunting pirates: If Hollywood wants cooperation, it might have to pay up

European laws and proposals meant to rein in tech giants are inadvertently empowering them

Commission publishes new guidance for ending unjustified geo-blocking and making cross-border parcel delivery more affordable

Why wouldn’t you want to live forever? Only one in five UK adults would choose to live forever if they could

Programmable ‘skins’ turn any household object into a robot

New York AG Report Faults Crypto Exchanges for Manipulation Risks

Hackers Are Targeting Bitcoin With a Leaked NSA Software

US military given more authority to launch preventative cyberattacks

Mapping of licensing systems for audiovisual media services in EU-28

An Analysis of the US Podcast Advertising Industry: BuzzFeed is cutting its podcasting team to focus more on producing original video

Bloomberg Media’s innovation lab, BHIVE, has launched The Bulletin, an AI-powered news feed for its mobile app

Carnegie Mellon is Saving Old Software from Oblivion

Polaroid’s past, present and future – a photo essay

Flying campers

Surveillance camera vulnerability could allow hackers to spy on and alter recordings

Companies may try to bypass GDPR fines by negotiating with cybercriminals, Europol say

Beyond Surveillance Capitalism: Reclaiming Digital Sovereignty


Israelis experience Palestinian home life in virtual reality

[W]hat happened during 45 minutes in August when Facebook was completely down. Where did people go instead?

Ofcom to push for regulation of social networks

The Deliberate Awfulness of Social Media

The Dawn of Twitter and the Age of Awareness

Mobile Planet

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