Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Booming electric car sales drive lithium rush in Portugal

The Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2018

2018 Winners of the Ig Nobel Prize: CHEMISTRY PRIZE [PORTUGAL] — Paula Romão, Adília Alarcão and the late César Viana, for measuring the degree to which human saliva is a good cleaning agent for dirty surfaces.
REFERENCE: “Human Saliva as a Cleaning Agent for Dirty Surfaces,” by Paula M. S. Romão, Adília M. Alarcão and César A.N. Viana, Studies in Conservation, vol. 35, 1990, pp. 153-155.

Drone Use in the Entertainment Industry and Beyond

There is only one solution: Universal Basic Mobility

The first common 3D-printed buildings might be army barracks

Flash Eurobarometer on illegal content

Plagiarists Or Innovators? The Led Zeppelin Paradox Endures

The Future of Jobs 2018: Machines Will Do More Tasks Than Humans by 2025 but Robot Revolution Will Still Create 58 Million Net New Jobs in Next Five Years

US takes first step toward a quantum computing workforce

What Happens When Gig-Economy Workers Become Employees

[I]t will take quite a lot of time before robots become cheaper than workers in Africa

World Income Distribution

[T]he Mystery of Who We Really Are

Security Risks of Government Hacking

Almost half of US cellphone calls will be scams by next year

2019 Industry Trends: Journalism, Media, Technology

Media Manipulation, Strategic Amplification, and Responsible Journalism

Médias, attention, la consommation mobile a complètement changé!

Journalism, ‘Fake News’ & Disinformation: Handbook for Journalism Education and Training

The Rise and Demise of RSS

The VR (Virtual Reality) Simulator will give access for everybody with a VR set to dive into a 360° projection of a city

Instagram is supposed to be friendly. So why is it making people so miserable?

ANACOM esclarece que os operadores podem adotar soluções que cumpram a Neutralidade da Internet sem penalizarem os consumidores

The Role of Machine Learning in the Telecom Industry

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