Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Programmed: Rules, Codes, and Choreographies in Art, 1965-2018

World’s first digital super-models

Eric Prydz’ HOLO audiovisual show at Creamfields

Alfred Stieglitz’s Lantern Slides: History, Technique and Technical Analysis

A self-driving car that reassures pedestrians by looking at them is a good idea. It’s also really disturbing

There are now more than a million electric cars in Europe after sales soared by more than 40% in the first half of the year

The Home of the Future will offer mesmerizing entertainment

Ce que propose concrètement la directive européenne «copyright» + Venice declaration + Europe’s news agencies blast Google, Facebook for ‘plundering’ content

The Future Will Be Full Of Bullshit Jobs (The insecure nature of work is a result of decisions by corporations and policymakers.)

Britain faces an artificial intelligence “brain drain” as Silicon Valley raids its top universities for talent

The Age of the Heroic Inventor Is Over

Half of American colleges will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years

Implantable brain device could stop epileptic seizures in their tracks

These Stunning Designs Show What Our Future on Mars Might Look Like

What to make of cryptocurrencies and blockchains

Replacing Traditional Media With Digital Is Wrong (Entre Janeiro e Junho de 2018 e o período homólogo do ano passado os generalistas venderam em média menos 13 225 exemplares por dia vs os homens, os indivíduos entre 25 e 34 anos, quadro médios e superiores e os indivíduos das classes mais elevadas são quem tem mais afinidade com este meio, apresentando índices de audiência média de imprensa superiores à média)

The European Commission and a group of national research funders have laid out a controversial and perhaps precedent-setting plan to make thousands of research papers free to read on the day of publication, in a move that could force a major change in the business model of science publishers

Quotas obligating Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services operating in the European Union to dedicate at least 30% of their on-demand catalogs to local content are set to become enshrined in law soon.

Facebook, Google, and smaller tech companies are now using machine learning to flag misinformation—but automated systems aren’t reliable enough on their own

YouTube’s new tool to track time spent watching YouTube is pointless

Popular Science Finds a New Method for Doing Business

How The Economist revamped its newsletter strategy

A list of nonfiction journalism from 2017 that will stand the test of time

Handing more data to state institutions that already thrive on excessive surveillance would not restore trust

The impact of GDPR, in 5 charts

This new AI can track 200 eye movements to determine your personality traits

Surveillance Agencies Say Encryption Is Good, Except When It Keeps Them From Looking At Stuff

Terminal 3 is an interactive, augmented-reality documentary that explores contemporary Muslim identities in the U.S. through the lens of an airport interrogation

Holographic “digital wife” now on sale

13 Big VR Games To Look Out For This Fall

Apple has acquired a startup focused on making lenses for augmented reality glasses

Maps of Twitter activity show how political polarization manifests online and why divides are so hard to bridge

We’ve discovered another reason why IPv6 is, right now, a poor substitute to IPv4: fisticuffs have broken out over the protocol on the internet’s trunk roads, causing traffic jams.

How to get from our 4G reality to the 5G future

There are more than 1,800 active satellites currently in orbit around Earth

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