Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Retailers want to see what their rivals are doing, but they want to prevent rivals from snooping on them

The Political Education of Silicon Valley: libertarianism is no longer the answer

Plastic recycling: uneven progress in Europe

Mapping City Momentum Index

Understanding multimodality: An analysis of early JUMP users

How will we live in cities in 100 years’ time?

Study on the impacts of the extension of the scope of the Geoblocking Regulation to audiovisual and non-audiovisual services giving access to copyright-protected content

What are the main ways that work harms workers?

Why some PhDs are quitting academia for unconventional jobs

How to Fly a Drone With Your Body

This mind-reading AI can see what you’re thinking – and draw a picture of it

As more robots are connected to the internet, they will become targets for cybercrime and mischief

Google: Security Keys Neutralized Employee Phishing

The ‘Emperor bug‘ that could cause havoc with Japanese computers next year

False news seems especially difficult to regulate, because one question inevitably arises: Who will have the power to decide what information should be disseminated?

About a third of large U.S. newspapers have suffered layoffs since 2017

Workers Share Horrible Stock Photos Of Their Jobs, And You’ll Laugh Out Loud When You Find Yours

The man who invented the self-driving car (in 1986)

Dawn of the Microcomputer: The Altair 8800

Para perceber o impacto da Big Data ao nível pessoal, Anon (e não liguem ao que se diz no Rotten Tomatoes…)

UK snooping ‘unlawful for more than decade’

Vidéosurveillance excessive

UK Judge Says Accurate Journalism Is An Invasion Of Privacy In Cliff Richard Case

Use Augmented Reality to Become a Better Artist With This App

Samsung Teams With NASA For A Moon For All Mankind VR

No, Twitter will not ban Trump, here’s why: “policy does not apply to military or government entities”…

UK sets out plan to spend billions on fiber and 5G broadband for all

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