Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

OMG!!! we’re not living in a computer simulation [or] living in The Matrix

One in three films seen in Europe is a European production

Nielsen Music Mid-Year Report: The first half of 2018 saw a six-month record of over 400 billion on-demand streams

Nearly 1,000 Paintings & Drawings by Vincent van Gogh Now Digitized and Put Online

Inside Vaporwave’s Mini-Boom of Floppy Disk Releases: releasing music on 3.5″ floppy disk

Transreality puzzle as new genres of entertainment technology

MIT professor creates reality TV series of his daily life

U.K. to Require Electric Car Chargers for New Build Homes

More Recycling Won’t Solve Plastic Pollution: Encouraging individuals to recycle more will never solve the problem of a massive production of single-use plastic that should have been avoided in the first place.

The future will be dockless: could a city really run on ‘floating transport’?

Who owns the space under cities? The attempt to map the earth beneath us

Comparing City Street Orientations

Talk the Walk: Teaching AI systems to navigate New York through language

A Numerical Exploration Of How The EU’s Article 13 Will Lead To Massive Censorship: in an effort to stop 1,000 pieces of infringing content, you’d end up pulling down 50,000 pieces of legitimate content
What happens each day?
– you annoy 150,000 innocents
– & stop 17,900 badnesses
– 300 badnesses SURVIVE THE FILTER
Is this good?

The EC’s new proposal for re-use of public sector information: improving but some fixes still required

The Case Against Patents can be summarized briefly: there is no empirical evidence that they serve to increase innovation and productivity (2013)

Why the ‘gig economyisn’t real

A Record Number of Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs [to seek better jobs]

Homo Faber: the master craftsman versus the machine

Researchers made a neural network out of DNA that can recognize handwritten numbers

A computer chip that emulates human cognition

Do you feel underappreciated in life? Big Clapper is a $4,500 robot that will applaud you until the day you die

Smart TVs are spying on you through your phone

Internet of Things (IoT) igual a Internet of Insecure Things (Hackable Things)?

Driving Without a Smartphone: it could help break people’s phone habits., the multimillion-dollar cryptography domain whose owner refused to sell, has been sold

On the Economics of Ransomware [and malware]

Concentração de empresas mediáticas – pluralismo e concorrência

European Networks Are Joining Forces to Take On Netflix and Amazon

YouTube announced it would spend $25 million on news, part of the Google News Initiative that pledged $300 million in March to help the news industry.

The endless reign of Rupert Murdoch: Anyone who defends [public universities, public servants, public broadcasters, public transport, and occasionally public health], especially anyone with a degree or a non-white face, is a target.

Targeted Advertising Based on Browsing History

The Web began dying in 2014, here’s how

Fallacies of Distributed Computing Explained (2006)

Esto ☞ no es un emoji, es un símbolo ortográfico

Google Was Not a Normal Place” – Brin, Page, and Mayer on the Accidental Birth of the Company that Changed Everything

Atomic Anxiety and the Tooth Fairy: Citizen Science in the Midcentury Midwest (2014)

Most Scientific Research Data From the 1990s Is Lost Forever

Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web

Minitel: The Online World France Built Before the Web

Uma comunidade religiosa, como a comunidade das testemunhas de Jeová, é conjuntamente responsável com os seus membros pregadores pelo tratamento dos dados pessoais recolhidos no contexto de uma atividade de pregação porta a porta

When Do Privacy Regulations Go Too Far?

Your face is the key to your personal identity: Can Facial Recognition Software Do More Good Than Harm?

Fifteen Minutes of Unwanted Fame: Detecting and Characterizing Doxing

V4Design – An innovative tool for architects and virtual reality game designers

The Best Influencers Are Babies: more recently, one area has proven to be particularly lucrative: sponsored content that involves kids, or spawn con

Automatic Rumor Detection on Microblogs [& in Social Media]

Model to classify censored and uncensored social media posts from mainland China

Second Life was supposed to be the future of the internet: “We used to say that our only competition was real life”.

Redes sociales, participacion ciudadana y la hipótesis del slacktivismo: lecciones del caso de “El Bronco

Psychological State Prediction using Smartphone Data

The cosmic spiderweb: equivalence of cosmic, architectural, and origami tessellations [& graph structure of the Web]

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