Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

O CWAY é o primeiro equipamento tecnológico que transforma as passadeiras de peões sem gestão de tráfego, em passadeiras seguras e inteligentes [depois deste, deste, deste, deste, deste ou deste e é um sistema criticado pela sua alegada segurança…]

The State of Artificial Intelligence in 2018

Spotting fake images with AI

New technique brings secrets out of old daguerreotypes

There’s a Bus Driver Shortage. Why doesn’t anyone want to drive the bus?

Reshaping Urban Mobility with Autonomous Vehicles Lessons: Driverless cars, left to their own devices, will be fundamentally predatory

The machine age is changing the nature of work. In the process, it is also transforming buildings, and making them less hospitable for human use.

Blockchain in Cities

The EU is targeting platforms for copyright violations, but could end up hurting publishers, too [Mais de 145 organizações apelam aos eurodeputados para rejeitarem o mandato da JURI]

Latest Text Of EU Copyright Directive Shows It’s Even Worse Than Expected: Must Be Stopped

Google has spent over €31m on lobbying against article 13

FIFA Is Not Okay With Dancing In Front of the TV

Average annual hours actually worked per worker (Portugal? 1.917 em 2000, 1.863 em 2017)

How do you organise a society in which few people do anything economically productive?

Las trabajadoras están mejor preparadas que los hombres para resistir a la automatización

A scenario of general “platformisation” of labour markets and working conditions would require a profound rethinking of labour market institutions and welfare systems

Why aren’t startups working? They’re not great at creating jobs… or disrupting big biz

We’re moving on from an age in which humans adapt to how computers work, to one in which computers adapt to us.

People are ready to have robots as their managers [and waiters…]

Behind every piece of automation is a human who made it happen

We shouldn’t start working full time until age 40

There is clearly a bias among many in the tech sector toward the young

How Artificial Intelligence [with a code of ethics] Could Help Us Live Longer

Imagining a future in which humans fundamentally reshape the natural world using nanotechnology, synthetic biology, de-extinction, and climate engineering

Meet the MIT robot that can mimic your movements after watching a single video

Audição de Pedro Veiga, coordenador demissionário do Centro Nacional de Cibersegurança

Phone batteries reveal what you typed and read

Your Secrets Are Safe: How Browsers’ Explanations Impact Misconceptions About Private Browsing Mode

City-crippling ransomware, crypto hijackings, and more: our 2018 mid-year cybersecurity update

I never said that! High-tech deception of ‘deepfake’ videos

[Facebook] is retreating from the news business. It’s been a painful transition for publications that had come to depend on it

Collection and analysis of political discourse within the Portuguese parliamentary scenario: We have collected more than 80.000 articles, written approximately by 3.500 distinct authors, published by the most relevant Portuguese newspapers in the period of 2008-2016

July 1958: Kilby Conceives the Integrated Circuit

Intel 4004 was the world’s first microprocessor—a complete general-purpose CPU on a single chip

Microsoft: The Early Days

D3 apresenta queixa à Comissão Europeia sobre retenção indiscriminada de metadados

Facebook patents system that can use your phone’s mic to monitor TV habits

The internet giants depend on our data. A new relationship between us and them could deliver real value to society… Let’s not forget that a large part of the technology and necessary data was created by all of us.

Oppression for Pennies – The Cost of Surveillance is Falling

Facial recognition software is not ready for use by law enforcement

Niantic shows off a stunning AR demo that lets Pikachu hide behind real-world objects

Public does not find it inherently objectionable for online platforms to regulate certain types of speech

View Ads […] allows users to see every active ad purchased on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and its partners

Crypto Influencers Pump Up Markets With $105,000 Tweets: social media influencers get paid to promote ICOs by the entrepreneurs

A niche policy fight over the technical groundwork for internet-connected cars has pitted car companies against telecoms operators

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