Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje


Sensors, cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things revolutionise the footwear industry in Portugal

The Meaninglessness of the Stock Market Index in a Digital World (2002)

Blockchain em Portugal

Automated Cinematography with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Performance Comparison of Algorithms for Movie Rating Estimation

Retirement Transition in the Digital Ecology: retired community musicians who are experiencing transition to retirement

Choreographic and Somatic Approaches for the Development of Expressive Robotic Systems

An AI has learned how to pick a single voice out of a crowd

World Atlas of Desertification

Functional Map of the World

A Machine Learning Approach to Modeling Human Migration

Developing blockchain opportunities for cities — voting, real estate, transportation, energy, water management and more

Nearly Two-Thirds Of The Public Express Concern About Sharing Roads With Driverless Cars

Real-time Traffic Information Detection Through Social Media

Google StreetView cars to help map pollution in London

Think The GDPR Only Regulates Big Internet Companies? The EU Says It Regulates You Too.

Body/Performance art loses in court

Controversial copyright overhaul passes Parliament committee, still faces political fight

The Machine Fired Me

Lawyer-Bots Are Shaking Up Jobs

Will humans even write code in 2040 and what would that mean for extreme heterogeneity in computing?

A new way for humans and robots to work together in the factory

New system connects your mind to a machine to help stop mistakes

Inside Nintendo’s “perfect” method for detecting online Switch piracy

How science fiction is training us to ignore the real threats posed by AI

The accuracy, fairness, and limits of predicting recidivism

Study of Peer-to-Peer Network Based Cybercrime Investigation: Application on Botnet Technologies

The internet is projected to surpass TV in 2019 as people’s favourite source of media

With the press under assault, the stakes are too high for journalists to fail on basic ethics

Why so many World Cup sponsors are from China: Of the 34 sponsorship slots on offer for the tournament in Russia, only 19 have been filled

Distinguishing Between Factual and Opinion Statements in the News

Every local and regional newsroom in the UK can now make use of the Press Association’s “robot-generated” stories.

The modest impact of ‘fake news’ on the 2018 Italian elections

Sketchpad: A man-machine graphical communication system

A machine that took up an entire room at a laboratory in Manchester University ran its first program at 11am on 21 June 1948.

European Court Of Human Rights Says Sweden’s Mass Surveillance Is Fine

All The Ways Your City Is Surveilling You

The Man Who Saw the Dangers of Cambridge Analytica Years Ago

Privacy attitudes and concerns in the digital lives of older adults

Behavior Revealed in Mobile Phone Usage Predicts Loan Repayment

Systematizing Genomic Privacy Research – A Critical Analysis

What’s up with Privacy? User Preferences and Privacy Concerns in Intelligent Personal Assistants

An Enhanced Middleware for Collaborative Privacy in IPTV Recommender Services

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Are on the VRge of Growth

Take a 3D Tour Through Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

Augmented Reality: a new creative canvas for brands

More Comfortable VR Headset

Leap Motion Reveals First Extended Demo Shot Through North Star Headset

A senior judge has said that “technology has created many of our current disclosure problems” – and then added that AI will fix them.

Sentiment analysis of Twitter data

Viral content propagation in Online Social Networks

The Investigation of Social Media Data Thresholds for Opinion Formation

What would happen if America’s Internet went down

The Shift From 4G to 5G Will Change Just About Everything: Including speed, bandwidth and low latency

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