Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

How to spot a perfect fake: modern forgers have kept easy pace with the techniques that attempt to trap them.

A Network Map of the World’s Air Traffic Connections

Can we look into the future? Using demographic models to project displaced populations.

How traffic signals distribute time to favour the car and delay the pedestrian

Cities Look to “Virtual Power” to Reach Climate Goals

A self-driving vehicle can avoid a lot of problems by just going slowly

The Future of Robotic Agriculture: Agri-Food is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK

The baristas at Cafe X can make two drinks in under a minute and will get your order right every time. They’re also not human.

Artificial Unintelligence: it’s just not true that social problems would inevitably retreat before a digitally enabled Utopia.

AI knows when you’re going to die. But unlike in sci-fi movies, that information could end up saving lives.

Supercomputer Aurora 21 will map the human brain, starting in 2021

In a blow to electronic-voting critics, Brazil’s Supreme Court has suspended the use of all paper ballots in this year’s elections. The ruling means that only electronic ballot boxes will be used, and there will be no voter-verified paper trail that officials can use to check the accuracy of results

The bigger cryptocurrencies get, the worse they perform: sovereign money had value because it had users, but many people holding cryptocurrencies did so often purely for speculative purposes

BitTorrent has been sold to blockchain startup

Once Considered Mortal Enemies, Print & Digital Are Living Happily Together: if predictions actually came true we’d all have flying cars by now.

MAGNA Global Advertising Forecast June 2018

Advocates are becoming journalists. Is that a good thing? Project involved more than two dozen lawyers and advocates, as well as legal advisers at the national level, editors, and the ACLU’s communications team, and it took several months to come to fruition—the kind of resources many media companies would find hard to marshall for a single story.

Why people buy into falsehoods [too much information?]

The Art of Fooling the Eye

It’s time to rein in the data barons: Facebook, Amazon, and Google will resist attempts to restrain their market power. But for the sake of our collective prosperity and our personal privacy, it’s a fight we can’t afford to lose.

Why Do We Care So Much About Privacy? often privacy is simply a weapon that comes to hand in social combat. People invoke their right to privacy when it serves their interests.

Beijing has instituted standards that force foreign companies to build China-only versions of their products, and to comply with government surveillance policies

How to Make Privacy Policies both GDPR-Compliant and Usable

The Void has built a spectacular Star Wars VR experience

Cinco tendencias globales en redes sociales: el uso de redes sociales y aplicaciones de mensajería representan más de una cuarta parte de nuestro tiempo en dispositivos móviles vs After years of growth, the use of social media for news is falling across the world

Brands and Social Media: Media Now Least Trusted Institution

Organization after Social Media: The world cries for action, not likes.

Are Genetic Testing Sites the New Social Networks?

Best 100 YouTube Videos of All Time, Ranked

YouTube’s Blocks MIT Courses, Blender Videos, and More

Meet the Frenchman masterminding a Google-free Android

A complete 5G standard is finally here.

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