Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

India Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (Portugal alinhado com MIT)

Goldman Sachs’ AI predicts Brazil will win the World Cup: Its machine learning models were wrong in 2014.
OpenSignal World Cup, where 32 countries compete in our speed metrics

The Essence of Artificial General Intelligence

Big Data is unquestionably part of the DNA at Netflix

The Best Video Game Trailers We’ve Seen at E3 2018

Why digital resurrection is so creepy

Level 3 cars are on the horizon. Don’t expect Level 4 or 5 anytime soon.

Impact Of Urban Technology Deployments On Local Commercial Activity

Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive Threatens the Internet (votação a 20 de Junho)

Author Trademarks the Word ‘Cocky,’ Earns the Ire of Romance Writers Everywhere

Automation Will Make Lifelong Learning a Necessary Part of Work

The architecture of digital labour platforms: Policy recommendations on platform design for worker well-being

How many social activists does it take to change the world?

The End of the Ad World as We Knew It

Vice: A Company Built on a Bluff

Americans’ trust in media in decline, largest proportion believes it’s just commentary and opinion

Ad-blocking: A Study on Performance, Privacy [mobile] and Counter-measures

Linux is obsolete (1992)

The Story Behind Susan Kare’s Iconic Design Work

Dados pessoais e Censos 2021

Spain Data Watchdog Probes Soccer League’s Spying With Phones

A French hospital is using VR as a drug-free pain solution

Useful Application for VR: Training Employees

Facebook content is convenient evidence for prosecutors, but not for defendants

What Ajit Pai Should Have Said About Killing Net Neutrality… And Why It Still Would Have Been Wrong

Moscow is Building New Civic Services on 5G

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