Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

A Pragmatic AI Approach to Creating Artistic Visual Variations by Neural Style Transfer

Traffic light tech will be tested in UK, allows cars to leverage signal change

Understanding and Monitoring Human Trafficking via Social Sensors: A Sociological Approach

From Revolving Doors to Regulatory Capture? Evidence from Patent Examiners

How AI will change astronomy, healthcare, and social justice

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Real Estate Agents?

Time for a shorter work week? (2016)

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos says we must leave the planet and send people to live on the Moon

Creating the future

Controversy as Indian electronic voting machines malfunction

I’m Not (Overly) Concerned About Smart Speaker Security, And You Shouldn’t Be Either

Treatment centre for cryptocurrency addicts opens in the Scottish Borders

Are bots entitled to free speech? Citizen publishers are a good comparison.

Dear Publishers, if you want my subscription dollars (or euros), here is what I expect…

The Next Privacy Battle in Europe Is Over This New Law

La Quadrature du Net vient d’envoyer à la CNIL cinq plaintes contre Facebook, Google (Gmail, Youtube et Search), Apple (iOS et son méga-cookie), Amazon et LinkedIn.

This VR project shows us how animals see the world

A.I. scans social media to predict when protests will turn violent

Superaccurate GPS Chips Coming to Smartphones

DoD jams GPS in western states for joint exercise

Real-Time Rejection and Mitigation of Time Synchronization Attacks on the Global Positioning System

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