Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

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Increasing similarity of Billboard songs: more songs have been produced by fewer and fewer topline songwriters

Fleet of autonomous boats could service some cities, reducing road traffic

Tomorrow’s cities: Google’s Toronto city built ‘from the internet up’

[European] Member State governments have today adopted their position on the copyright reform, with no significant changes to the upload filters and link tax provisions. It is now up to Parliament to stop them.

Will there be enough work in the future? Human-Machine Work Teams

The Power of Color: A Study on the Effective Use of Colored Light in Human-Robot Interaction

Technology is driving us to distraction: We pay attention with the lives we might have lived.

We’re not prepared for the genetic revolution that’s coming

Should You Be Allowed to Create Your Own Clone?

Your Home is Your…Snitch? When your appliances work as police informants.

Fraudsters can build a detailed profile of victims without ever using the dark web

Acoustic Denial of Service Attacks on HDDs

Cyber risks facing ship managers

Eight Years of Rider Measurement in the Android Malware Ecosystem: Evolution and Lessons Learned

Convergence, disintermediation and uberisation: Audiovisual Services – the Pan-European Picture

Fact-Checking : l’AFP développe son système en anglais, espagnol et portugais

GDPR mayhem: Programmatic ad buying plummets in Europe

A Culture of Innovation Insider Accounts of Computing and Life at BBN (18 October 1948 to 1 July 2010)

Ted Dabney, The Atari Co-Founder Dies At the Age Of 81

Space Invaders from Scratch: let’s start programming!

An Icelandic inventor has developed a bird-like drone that could revolutionize surveillance

Police trial AI software to help process mobile phone evidence

PinMe: Tracking a Smartphone User around the World

Georgetown Law report on airport facial recognition scans

Allegation of scientific misconduct increases Twitter attention

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