Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Regulamento Geral sobre a Proteção de Dados: “o articulado da Proposta de Lei apresenta algumas imprecisões quanto ao RGPD” e a cooperação entre o CNCS e a CNPD

GDPR may not be perfect, but it’s an important milestone in data protection

On the first day of GDPR has filed four complaints against Google (Android), Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram over “forced consent”.

New traffic control models that could tackle road congestion while integrating a green dimension

The Autonomy Ecosystem: From Self-Driving Cars to Beyond!

Shopping Mall Attraction and Social Mixing at a City Scale

The time geography of segregation during working hours

EU censorship machines and link tax laws are nearing the finish line: France, Italy, Spain and Portugal want to force upload filters on not-for-profit platforms (like Wikipedia) and on platforms that host only small amounts of copyrighted content (like startups)

Automation and the future of the workforce

Action Anticipation: Reading the Intentions of Humans and Robots

Towards Multi-Sensorial Interaction Design Processes for Interactive Furniture

Proposta de lei do regime jurídico da segurança do ciberespaço vs Diretiva relativa a medidas destinadas a garantir um elevado nível comum de segurança das redes e da informação em toda a União

Facebook and Google dominate online ads. Can alliances between news publishers compete?

A faked video of Donald Trump points to a worrying future: AI will make propaganda cheap and easy

In Twitter’s early days, only one celebrity could tweet at a time

Why developers cannot embed privacy into software systems? An empirical investigation

Mobile Face Tracking: A Survey and Benchmark

Uncovering the Hidden Data Ecosystem: today’s pervasive digital tracking is mostly invisible

Could the EU really break up Facebook’s monopoly?

Researchers devise more effective location awareness for the Internet-of-(many)-Things

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