Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Mis fotos se han visto cientos de millones de veces: mi vida como fotógrafo Creative Commons

El lore: las historias escondidas en los videojuegos

MIT’s Super-Efficient Dispatching Algorithm Minimizes a City’s Taxi Fleet

Are Computer Science and Engineering Graduates Ready for the Software Industry?

Fast-food restaurant in Boston uses mechanical woks to autonomously prepare meals

What happens when your child’s invisible friend is an AI toy that talks back?

Meet Sophia, the Robot That Looks Almost Human

How We Made AI As Racist and Sexist As Humans: Algorithms are making the same mistakes assessing credit scores that humans did a century ago

Here’s who owns everything in [US] Big Media today

Axel Springer provides Consent and Transparency Software for the launch of GDPR under a free open source license

European Digital Advertising market reached €48bn in 2017 compared with €24.8bn in 2012

Vladimir Lukyanov’s marvelous water computer

An Oral History of the L0pht

Many Of Those Desperate GDPR Emails You’ve Been Getting Are Violating A Different EU Regulation

Sites block EU users before GDPR takes effect

The four year battle for the protection of your data

La France insoumise propose une loi contre les compteurs Linky: Pour un droit au refus d’installation

Immersive Virtual Reality Serious Games for Evacuation Training and Research

Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game

Twitter looks to woo smaller, Facebook-frustrated publishers with new site

Your ISP finally has to stop lying to you about broadband speeds

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