Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Contributos para uma Estratégia Nacional de Ciberdefesa: o ciberespaço constitui um novo domínio estratégico para Portugal, necessitando de ser pensado como uma área prioritária de defesa de valores e interesses nacionais

The Tech Nation Report 2018 shows how connections and collaboration are powering the UK tech sector and driving the economy.

The Internet of Trash: IoT Has a Looming E-Waste Problem

12K video of a New York flyover

Design protection for graphical user interfaces

‘Agile ethics’ is an attempt to fill what I see as a gap in process tools to address working ethically at speed.

AI trust and AI fears: A media debate that could divide society

How technology has redefined the job of the repo man

The impacts of artificial lighting on human health are not fully understood, but many scientists say enough is known to warrant dramatic changes now.

Inside the business model for botnets

Security Vulnerabilities Against Fingerprint Biometric System

How the Math Men Overthrew the Mad Men

With little sleep, low pay and high pressure, careers in journalism and medicine start the same

The Last Days of Time Inc.: All of Time, Inc. was very flush with money after the dot-com boom and we had already started to chronicle its demise — but nobody saw that it would be our demise, too.

New Malaysian Prime Minister Who Promised To Kill ‘Fake News’ Law Decides It Might Be Useful Now That He’s In Power (outro adepto destas reviravoltas: “Rupert Murdoch Believes In The Free Market… Until His Company Is Struggling: Then He Wants To Regulate Competitors“)

The Day that We Can’t Protect Human Sources‘: The President and the House Intelligence Committee Burn an Informant

Inside the 76477 Space Invaders sound effect chip

The Complete History of Lemmings

Early Hackers Used Whistles From Cap’n Crunch Cereal Boxes

The Year on the Net (1996)

How to Use the Dial Phone (1927)

Is it even possible to become a digital ghost? The Amish understand a life-changing truth about technology the rest of us don’t: they carefully consider how each one will change their culture before embracing it.

How did Google get so big: People tell their search engines things they wouldn’t even tell their wives

How Social Media Exploits Our Moral Emotions

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