Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

The ‘Black Hole’ That Sucks Up Silicon Valley’s Money

Stylize Aesthetic QR Code

Nobody Knows Exactly How Much Energy Bitcoin Is Using

What Happens to the Plastic We Throw Out

This $2 Billion AI Startup Aims to Teach Factory Robots to Think

Interpol’s New Software Will Recognize Criminals by Their Voices

Project Shield is a free service that uses Google technology to protect news sites and free expression from DDoS attacks on the web.

Hackers could use brainwaves to steal passwords

Churn Rate: Getting a paid subscriber is step one, but keeping the subscriber quickly becomes step two.

How Facebook and Google became two of the biggest funders of journalism in the world

Can we still trust polls?

The internet’s problems haven’t changed in 22 years

20 years of the Laws of Cyberspace

In order to understand venture capital, you have to understand not only how it works, but where it comes from.

45-year CPU evolution: one law and two equations

If Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t know who Helen Dixon is, he will soon.

Privacy-Aware Smart Metering: Progress and Challenges

Space tourism for the people: become a virtual reality astronaut

Dense Pose: this will pave the way both for downstream tasks in augmented reality or graphics, but also help us tackle the general problem of associating images with semantic 3D object representations.

White supremacists use YouTube to spread their hate—and the company is making a profit from it

HTC Plans to Ship a Blockchain Phone This Year

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