Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

CMVM viabiliza primeira ICO com sede fiscal em Portugal (após avisos)

25% of Dubai’s buildings will be 3D printed by 2025: 3D-printing strategy aims to reduce labour by 70% and cut costs by 90% across different sectors

This self-driving car relies on spinning lasers to navigate down rural roads

Climate change: An ‘existential threat’ to humanity, UN chief warns global summit

After expenses, Uber drivers don’t take much more than minimum wage home

Tomorrow’s Factories Will Need Better Processes, Not Just Better Robots

AI Could Kill 2.5 Million Financial Jobs—And Save Banks $1 Trillion

How Income Affects the Brain: the brains of 304 people aged 20 to 89

White House eliminates top cyber adviser post

Trump’s “big data” plan for 2020

Newspapers 2020: How are Newsrooms Preparing for the Next Decade of Publishing?

In the economy of attention, the loudest voice is not necessarily the most important

The FBI Supposedly Has 7,775 Un-hackable Phones. We’re Asking for Proof

Chinese volunteers emerge from virtual moon base (from 110 days of isolation in a virtual “lunar lab”)

Facebook: In Q1, we disabled about 583 million fake accounts — most of which were disabled within minutes of registration. This is in addition to the millions of fake account attempts we prevent daily from ever registering with Facebook. Overall, we estimate that around 3 to 4% of the active Facebook accounts on the site during this time period were still fake.

Huge new Facebook data leak exposed intimate details of 3m users

Eres un ‘troll’? Twitter ya sabe cómo identificarte antes de que actúes

Facebook launches Youth Portal to educate teens on the platform, how their data is being used

Ownership of the customer translates into an enduring moat, though, depends on the interaction of two distinct attributes: supplier differentiation and network effects

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