Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

The Weak Security Of The Portuguese Government’s Authentication System

Am I Speaking to a Human? Google now says controversial AI voice calling system will identify itself to humans E a Microsoft? “Give your application a one-of-a-kind, recognizable brand voice, with no coding required

If the Script for “Avengers: Infinity War” Was Peer-Reviewed

Humano ou robô?

Algorithms are coming for their jobs, so workers are teaching themselves algorithms

10 anos depois de Stelarc: Army Surgeons Grow Ear in Soldier’s Arm (já agora, “Inner ear provides clues to human dispersal“)

How artificial intelligence is shaping religion in the 21st century

US cell carriers are selling access to your real-time phone location data

Critical PGP and S/MIME bugs can reveal encrypted emailsuninstall now

Private activity in underground forums has been shown to be key for understanding the underlying cybercriminal ecosystem.

This Is How a Newspaper Dies

In Western Europe, Public Attitudes Toward News Media More Divided by Populist Views Than Left-Right Ideology

“Media and Democracy”: un lab de recherche et d’innovation au service du journalisme et du débat public

GDPR will pop the adtech bubble

Police are using DNA testing to track down a fetus’s mother

Employers are monitoring computers, toilet breaks – even emotions. Is your boss watching you?

Who cares about privacy? Not Facebook users

We have a long history of portraying the horrors of war in creative ways—VR will be next

There are no technical barriers for why we couldn’t share our photos to our own sites instead of to Instagram, or why we couldn’t post stupid memes to our own web address instead of on Facebook or Reddit.

The Wisdom and/or Madness of Crowds

Most of the Internet now consists of centralised services

Mapping Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Migration With Mobile Phone Data vs SMS dos fogos não funcionam em casos de emergência

Quantum Internet: from Communication to Distributed Computing!

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