Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Questions We Need To Be Asking Before Deciding an Algorithm is the Answer

Geospatial data can help advance our economies and improve our lives

California becomes first US state to mandate solar on homes

European Commission expands planned copyright auto-censorship machines to also include censorship of unwanted political opinions

Originality in copyright: a meaningless requirement?

Shadow Libraries explores the institutions that shape the provision of these materials, from the formal sector of universities and publishers to the broadly informal ones organized by faculty, copy shops, student unions, and students themselves.

Skills Strategy Implementation Guidance for Portugal

Renewable Energy and Jobs: The industry created more than 500 000 new jobs globally in 2017, with the total number of people employed in renewables (including large hydropower) surpassing 10 million for the first time.

Delivery Robots Will Rely on Human Kindness and Labor

$5 Million Prize for Origin of Genetic Code

Biologist George Church says the idea is to live to 130 in the body of a 22-year-old.

Quando a “Regulação internacional do ciberespaço [é] essencial para reforçar defesa da democracia“, quando “First EU cybersecurity law takes effect—with new fines for misbehaving companies“, eis que “Pedro Veiga deixa coordenação do CNCS“…

Los medios online superarán por primera vez a la televisión en tiempo de visionado este 2018

Montreal’s La Presse to become non-profit entity: to accept private donations as well as government support

Google News gets an update, with more AI-driven curation, more labeling, more reader controls (fingers crossed for no AI flops)

1991: The computer for the 21st century

Google’s new Tour Creator lets students make their own VR tours

Facebook Loses 1.3 Billion Monthly Visits In Wake Of Cambridge Analytica Scandal – Down 5% Of Average

O que é o “Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone“?

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