Human Eyes: Somos uma permanente metamorfose. Mas, como estamos demasiadamente próximos de nós mesmos, relativamente pouco percebemos das nossas próprias transformações.

These 16,016 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

Una empresa quiere construir un “hotel de lujo” a 320 kilómetros de la superficie terrestre

EarthTime enables users to interact with visualizations of the Earth’s transformation over time (1984 – 2016)

The Face of Distracted Driving

Online platforms (…) will be forced to reveal the criteria they use to display search results

Commonwealth Heads of Government commit to a cyberspace that supports economic and social development and rights online

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The ethics of experimenting with human brain tissue: If researchers could create brain tissue in the laboratory that might appear to have conscious experiences or subjective phenomenal states, would that tissue deserve any of the protections routinely given to human or animal research subjects?

Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence vs How Artificial Intelligence Could Increase the Risk of Nuclear War (More Women in AI? To accelerate progress?)

Australia and Portugal join NATO cyber cooperative

S***: researchers have found that op-ed pieces have large and long-lasting effects on people’s views among both the general public and policy experts.

Finance Is Killing the News: In some ways, this is similar to what’s happening in retail.

Combater a desinformação em linha: Comissão propõe um código de conduta à escala da UE (threatens to legislate on ‘fake news’ ahead of 2019 EU election [and] the business models which are based on click-baiting to drive advertising revenues?)

Instead of sitting in front of the family TV, millions of Europeans, especially young people, watch content online, on demand and on different mobile devices. Global internet video share in consumer internet traffic is expected to increase from 64% in 2014 to 80% by 2019.

Checklist to become GDPR Compliant with Google Analytics

Ensuring Security and Privacy through Strong Encryption

Opinions about major tech companies and issues such as privacy, security, and government regulations

Open, Closed, and Privacy

More surveillance orders were denied during President Donald Trump’s first year in office than in the [FISA] court’s history.