Coisas que já podia ter lido hoje

Which Countries are Digital Friendly? [Portugal sobe de 33º para 32º], enquanto “Países da UE comprometem-se a colaborar mais na frente digital

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment Report 2018

O novo online é o offline?

AI is this century’s electricity — the technology that will power everything [e] China Now Has the Most Valuable AI Startup in the World

At the restaurant Spyce, dishes are whipped up by a robotic chef built by four recent M.I.T. grads

As an idea, [integrated information theory] is audacious. It ignores the meaning of information to quantify the way systems use information.

These will be weapons of mass destruction. One programmer and a 3D printer can do what previously took an army of people. They will industrialise war, changing the speed and duration of how we can fight. They will be able to kill 24-7 and they will kill faster than humans can act to defend themselves.”

Inside the ‘cybernetic newsroom’ where Reuters’ robots are great at research but not at writing articles [mas] Knowhere is using AI to aggregate news and rewrite it ‘impartially.’

The Impact of the EU’s New Data Protection Regulation on AI

The Encryption Debate Isn’t About Stopping Terrorists, It’s About Solving Crime

Even if Magic Leap’s goggles suck, it can probably still make money off them: the company’s got a boatload of patents it could license to satisfy investors.

Leap Motion Reveals North Star, an Open-source AR Headset Prototype With Impressive Specs

ACE Submarine Cable Cut Impacts Ten Countries

Mark Zuckerberg, um dos “Data Lords“, fala a 11 de Abril de 2018…: My top priority has always been our social mission of connecting people, building community and bringing the world closer together. Advertisers and developers will never take priority over that as long as I’m running Facebook.

Facebook Launches New Initiative to Help Scholars Assess Social Media’s Impact on Elections

[Vera Jourova, the European Commissioner for justice and consumer affairs] commented about a letter she received on Thursday by Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg. The commission spokesman said the Facebook letter itself could not be made public.
[Commission spokesman Christian Wigand] said the letter did not include details confirming how many Facebook users in each EU country were affected by the data harvesting.

An estimated two-thirds of tweeted links to popular websites are posted by automated accounts – not human beings

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